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How Gut microbiome disturbances linked to major depressive disorder?

Major depressive disorder refers to mood disorder characterized by persistent sadness, lack of interest in life, overthinking, etc. It is not a simple reaction to any event that happened; major depressive disorder has a biological origin. In the new research, scientists are making an effort to find evidence to conclude that there is a link between major depressive disorder and the gut microbiome.

Several institutions from China and two research teams from the United States (U.S) report the link between major depressive disorder and the human gut microbiome. Their research report, published in the journal science advance, describes their study by taking the person’s sample affected with major depressive disorder and the control group.

The study involved collecting 311 fecal samples out of only 156 people affected with major depressive disorder. Each of the samples gone through genetic analysis to identify the microbes and other materials in the samples selected. The research team also performed large-scale gas chromatography-mass spectrometry on the selected samples to learn more about them.

The scientists have found some differences in the components of selected components between the people affected with major depressive disorder and those not affected by this disorder.

They found 47 different types of bacteria that were different, along with fifty fecal metabolites and three bacteriophages, which were also different. They also found high levels of members of the bacterial species of the genus Bacteroides in patients affected with major depressive disorder and lower levels of those that belonged to the species Eubacterium and Blautia.

The team also found a higher level of bacteroids in the microbiome might help explain why so many patients with major depressive disorder have heightened cytokines and associated inflammation compared to those who are not.

The researchers believe that microbiome problems can characterize major depressive disorder.  They also noted that the traditional way to diagnose people with this disorder was to interview the patient; if the mental health professional finds something suspicious. They may suggest a few tests to diagnose certain gut microbiome elements to confirm the major depressive disorder.

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